Nourished 3 is the creation of YouTube beauty entrepreneur, Annie Jaffrey and her partner, Mahmud Al-Smadi, on a quest for true well-being and a mission to create the best skincare products on the market by introducing a new way of approaching truly radiant skin health.

Together they have developed clinically proven, nature inspired and crystal infused products to fall in love with..

It may not appear like it now, but I (Annie) spent years fighting my own skin battles, in the form of acne and dull, tired skin. It was a journey of healing that often felt like it would never end. It really wasn’t until I started to understand how the food I was eating, the thoughts I was absorbing and the importance of daily self-care that I started to see - and feel - real lasting change.

We launched NOURISHED 3 in 2020 with a single mask and the belief that the individual has the potential to uncover their best skin from within. NOURISHED 3 aims to offer you the sense of calm, clarity and flow that comes from skin that glows.

Welcome to yours. We’re so glad you’re here!.

Annie x